Enjoy a more comfortable home

Don’t let energy bills drive you out of house and home! Fight back against the Texas heat by turning to the local experts in residential air conditioning & heating. We’ll set you up with a reliable, brand-name air conditioning system that will keep your interior space cool and comfortable.

By tweaking your system and assembling it with all the right individual units, we can help keep your energy costs low and your comfort level high.

Come home to your ideal home environment with Nexia Home Intelligence.

• Easily change the temperature before you arrive or if you forgot to set it before you left.

• Reduce costs by setting up a schedule or putting your comfort system into an energy savings mode when you’re away.

• Enjoy the convenience and security of text and email alerts reminding you It’s time to change the filter.

 Be protected by our WARRANTIES

When you invest in a new system from our team, you can rest easy. That’s because we protect our customers with powerful WARRANTIES! Our WARRANTY protection covers you for up to 12 years. Call us today for more details.

All the products you need

  • Air conditioners
  • Air exchangers
  • Air handlers
  • Heat pumps
  • Coils
  • Thermostat controls
  • Air cleaners
  • Humidifiers
  • Mini Splits
  • Home Automation

Stay toasty and warm in your home

Ensure that your home is always warm and welcoming by working with our qualified crew of HVAC experts. We’re the recognized authorities in heating solutions, so count on us to help you set up an efficient and cost-effective system. 

When you team up with us us, you’ll see why we’ve been trusted in the region for more than 30 years running!

All the essential units

  • FurnacesHeat
  • pumps
  • Thermostat controls
  • And more

 Clean and healthy solutions

Breathe clean air that’s free of contaminants! Turn to our experts for air purification and improvement solutions like UV air cleaners and humidifiers. Together, we can make your property more comfortable and healthy.

Put our experience to work

Don’t let just anyone handle HVAC work on your valuable property. Turn to the professionals that have been trusted since 1983! We’ll put our more than 30 years of experience to work for you.

Keep your business functional all year long

Make sure that your business’ doors stay open in all kinds of weather! Don’t lose valuable summer business hours just because of a faulty cooling system. When you partner with our trusted team, you’ll get reliable heating that will keep your business space cool, comfortable, functional, and profitable.


Protect your indoor air quality

We offer powerful air cleaning systems that will protect your employees and customers from airborne contaminants.

•  Air cleaners

•  Humidifiers

Trust our honest local team

Our company puts customers first! That’s how we’ve maintained our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. As accredited members of the BBB, we believe in honest low prices and superior customer service.

Since 1983, our local team has been the clear choice in HVAC. Trust us for superior products and full WARRANTIES!

Get the finest products

  • Air conditioners

  • Air exchangers – swap air with the outdoors

  • Air handlers – send your cooled air throughout your space

  • Heat pumps – pump hot or cold air to regulate your property’s temperature

  • Coils – cool the air

  • Thermostat controls – ask about our programmable options!

Welcome customers all year long

If you run a store, office, or other commercial space, you can’t afford to be losing productivity and profits just because it’s cold outside. Make sure that your commercial space stays comfortable and functional all year long by turning to the HVAC experts. 

Our dedicated team will help you find cost-effective heating solutions that help you keep your business’ doors open.

Stay on schedule

You’re busy. We get it! That’s why our reliable team is available for emergency services. Get repairs done after hours so that your business can open up on time in the morning! Call today to learn more.

Get a complete system

Turn to us for furnaces that will heat your space and heat pumps that will move the climate controlled air to all the spots that need it. We also offer powerful programmable thermostats so that you can completely control your system!

Save money with your thermostat

Use our programmable thermostats to set up comfort zones, turn down your system when you’re not using it, or check on your energy usage! Our brand-name solutions offer innovative features that will help you save money.